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Family Planning NSW is the state's leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services.

About Planet Puberty

Planet Puberty is a digital resource suite by Family Planning NSW that aims to provide parents and carers of children with intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder with the latest information, strategies and resources for supporting their child through puberty.

Planet Puberty was co-designed with adults with intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder across Australia who guided the design and development of the project at all stages. We worked closely with parents and carers to create a resource that provides relevant and useful information to help parents and carers support their child through puberty. We thank all these people for their time, feedback and contributions.

We also worked with a variety of organisations with experience and expertise across a number of different fields.

We’d particularly like to thank:

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.
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About Family Planning

Family Planning NSW is the leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services in NSW. We’re experts on reproductive and sexual health and provide clinical services and health information to people throughout NSW. We have five fixed clinics and use innovative partnerships to deliver services in other locations across NSW.

Family Planning NSW respects the rights of people with disability to have control over their own lives and make decisions about their reproductive and sexual health, free from coercion, discrimination and violence.

For over 30 years we have worked alongside people with intellectual disability, their support people and representative organisations to promote disability inclusion and advocate for their right to optimal reproductive and sexual health.

Our work covers a wide range of projects, resources and workshops for people with intellectual disability and their support people.

For more information about our work, go to www.fpnsw.org.au/disability

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